J'Adore L'Polaroid!!!!

    If you saw my last post you might have noticed that cute little Polaroid at the bottom. Polaroids have definitely made a comeback in art scene. I think, they have a sort of retro quality that remind the 20 and 30 year-olds of their childhood.

    With digital cameras, Polaroids were thought to be extinct but a new movement has sparked everyone's interest.

    This photo, to left, is a 'fakie photo'. See the original at the bottom. If you like Polaroids but also like the clean, crisp photos you can have your cake and eat it too!

    Here's how I made mine! Go to: The Poladroid Project. Download their polaroid software maker. Then drag and drop any image you want to 'polarize'. It blurs, changes color and vingettes your photo. Pretty cool! They also have a flickr group. So check out the rest of these very cool 'fakies'.

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J'Adore L'Polaroid!!!!

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