The Hop, Skip and a Jump Maternity Frock GROSGRAIN GIVEAWAY!!!! CLOSED.

    You know, I've never taken maternity shots of any of my children.

    I would have probably continued that trend with this one as well if not for Grosgrain. So thank you readers for enjoying my blog and encouraging me to continue.

    I was really pleased with the way many of these turned out. A few of them could have been better but we were sort of strapped for time as we had to pick Lily up from kindergarten that afternoon. So we were lucky to get the shots that we did.

    This dress is a copy of one I saw on another mommy-to-be. Well, not so much a "to-be" anymore. Caitlin of the very stylish blog B&C took photos with her husband in a nearly identical dress and sweater.

    I asked her where she had gotten her dress in hopes of getting the same one for myself. She was nice enough to reply and said that it was an older season Ralph Lauren dress and she bought it for a steal at Nordstroms.

    Unfortunately for me that meant no dress. I looked for a similar one to no avail. Then after studying her dress I figured I could replicate it fairly well. This is the result. What do you think? Close?

    Granted, we didn't have a professional photographer but I'm very satisfied with the look of the dress and the accompanying photos. I must say Caitlin's are SUPERB!

    You can see the dress is made of a blue pinstriped cotton material. The only difference is that I added a matching belt that ties to the side. The collar has ruffled layers that line the neckline and fall down the front of the bodice.

    The skirt has a generous pleat in the front to accommodate baby. The rest is cut on the bias so that you get a nice full effect at the bottom.

    I don't know why but I love, love, love the A-line. It's so feminine. So girly. I've always been inclined to prefer flirty over sexy. I guess I'm not very sultry in real life so that makes sense.

    I loved the colors of mustard yellow, navy blue and white together with a touch of jungle red. Very classic. Aren't Molly's shoes cute? They're sailor loafers from Baby Gap and I bought them at the Salvation Army for $1. Ahh, don't you just love bargains!

    I got the necklace as a Christmas gift last year from Brian's sister Caren. I LOVE IT! It's a cutout of a black and white goldfish. You can buy them on etsy here. I get so many compliments when I wear it. Almost every time. Really.

    I couldn't see what the sleeves on the original dress looked like so I left the dress sleeveless. This way it can be worn in either summer or fall with a sweater. It looked nice both ways.

    This giveaway is for the dress only. The sweater's all mine:)

    I really loved how comfortable the dress was. There was nothing pulling or clinging, pinching or squeezing. It flowed very well and was easy to wear.

    The color and look of this dress reminded me of someone fun and bubbly. Someone who didn't mind acting like a child with her children, yet still wanting to be dressy while lively.

    I would say this dress would fit a mother-to-be wearing a size Small or Medium.

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    ly due to the fact that blog roll links often show up in my search for entries and can be difficult to sort through.

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The Hop, Skip and a Jump Maternity Frock GROSGRAIN GIVEAWAY!!!! CLOSED.

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