Keep the modesty in "Mod"cloth

    If you read my blog you know I LOVE Modcloth. However, my one beef with Modcloth is that you have to really beware of their dress length. It may look like it comes close to your knees on a mannequin but if you look in the measurements link it could only be 31" from shoulder to hem. THAT'S SHORT. That like, barely covers your butt.

    But this dress (to left) from Modcloth: The Connie Dress reaches a whopping 42"! So ALWAYS be sure to check. Otherwise you'll end up with a tunic rather than a dress.

    Take the dress at the bottom. I could see myself buying that dress online. It 'looks' like it might be a cute A-line, flirty piece. But it only reaches 32" from shoulder! I'm a short person but that reaches just below my behind. If you drop something on the ground you might as well consider it lost to the universe. You know what I mean?

    Have any of you had this experience with purchasing online clothing?

    Look for a great GROSGRAIN giveaway on Tuesday. I'm going to take the photos on Monday. I'd go today but I have a birthday party to go to for a dear friend's daughter.

    And look for a new DIY compilation later today. Hint, hint. Very timely;)

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Keep the modesty in "Mod"cloth

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