Happy Fourth of July!

     Remember Photoshoot Concepts 8? Well, I had my own little opportunity to try it out last night.
    I had to use my speed lite since there were several things I had to change with the flash that couldn't be controlled on the camera alone. 
    First, I set it to go off at the end of the 4 second exposure rather than the beginning. But honestly, I'm not sure if that matters or not.
    Then I set it to only 1/16th intensity.
    The kids next to us were setting off flashers so it didn't come out perfect then the fireworks started so we had to quit but I might try again tonight and play with more settings;)
    Hey! Wouldn't this make a neat wedding proposal idea? The guy would write "marry me"and the girl would see the whole message when they looked to see how the photograph turned out. Someone out there back me up!

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Happy Fourth of July!

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