Decisions, Decisions: Small Sewing Spaces

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    I've been at a crossroads with the kids room. We're moving the girls upstairs into what was my old craft room. It's a rather large room 15'x15' which will accommodate all their toys, books, bunk bed, desks and sofa with room in the center for playing and their own half-bath. I'm sort of lamenting that we never did it sooner. It just felt weird to have them upstairs when our bedroom is downstairs. But now that most of their toys are moved it feels like the size of our house has doubled and keeping the living room and dining room clean has gotten 10x easier.

    However, moving everything out and everything in has been quite a task with Brian working until 9pm every week day. All we need to do is move the bunk bed upstairs this weekend and it will be done! After which the next task will be setting up my new sewing room. It's been difficult not having a place to sew for a couple months.

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    The kids old room is very small about 12'x6' with an extra 6'x'3' space for the door opening and a 6'x3' closet. I was going to have this be my new sewing room. But now I'm trying to decide if I should move Eloise to the old girl's room and move my sewing room into her old room. Eloise's nursery (which is actually the sun room) is also small about 10.5'x6' with no closet. I'm just worried I won't be able to fit all the things I once had in the upstairs room. But it seems more appropriate to finally put the baby in a real bedroom.

    I need enough floor space for my large 6'x5' table which can be split into two smaller tables if necessary, my sewing dress forms, ironing board, lamps and space to store extra fabric. I'm leaning toward the smaller sun room but I'm still unsure.

    Whatever happens I'm looking forward to planning the new space. My old sewing room was big but it had a lot of unrelated extraneous furniture we stored upstairs which cluttered up the space. Do any of you have a favorite photo of a craft room you've seen on the internet for some inspiration? What are some of the most essential things you need in your sewing room?

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Decisions, Decisions: Small Sewing Spaces

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