DIY Photo Canvas Grosgrain Tutorial

    I began this project because I loved the look of photo canvases but I loved them on a large scale. You can get really good deals on smaller sized canvases on the internet but the larger you get the far pricier it seems the project will be, for a 20x30+ it can start at $130.
    Now before I begin I want to add this did not come out exactly as I had hoped. So I'm doing another version later but it will take a couple weeks to get all the materials that I've ordered off the internet. Until then I wanted to show you my first version of a DIY photo canvas.
    Canvas any size

    Step 1: Print out your photo on your printer. To do this you can use: Block Posters to make a PDF of your image that is separated into pages. Be sure your photo is the length and width of your canvas PLUS the edge width. My edges were 1.5" wide so I added 3" on the length and width of the photo.

    Print out PDF on your printer and cut left and bottom edges of each 8.5x11 sheet.

    You can avoid all of this if you want to print at Staples but you would have to print in black and white. When you print in color at this size it's about $80! But in black and white it's about $10. Don't ask me why the steep difference.
    Step 2: Glue the pieces together with a glue stick or rubber cement. I like rubber cement best because if you let it dry before you glue to the pages you can adjust the position of the pages.
    Step 3: Brush Modpodge on your canvas.
    Step 4: Lay your photo onto your canvas. Try to get out as many of the air bubbles as possible but you probably won't be able to get all of them. That's one of the reasons I didn't like the way this version came out.

    Then put modpodge on the edges and fold over the paper to cover the edges. You can either fold the corners over or cut them off.
    Step 5: Finally brush Modpodge over your entire photo and let dry. Here is another reason why I'm doing another version later. When the glue dried it left yellow streaks. I think this could be avoided by not laying on such a thick layer. If you try to do it this way then be sure that there aren't any places where the Modpodge pools.
    See the streaks. They're not that bad in fact they sort of add texture to the canvas but I'd still rather not have them. Like I said, if you didn't lay the glue on thick you could probably avoid them.
    Done. Stay tuned for another version in two weeks.

    Total cost: $30 for 40x30 canvas
    $7 for Modpodge
    The cost of ink and paper were things I already had but you might want to keep that in mind when you are doing this project.
    =$37 Total

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DIY Photo Canvas Grosgrain Tutorial

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