DaSweetZpot $25 Guest Giveaway! CLOSED.

    With so many frozen and processed food items I've felt the desire to serve organic, homemade, sugar-free food to my family....and myself. Plus, it's just a lot prettier:) But I'll admit, it takes a little more effort and a little more time.

    DaSweetZpot offers a cute little compromise.
    Their little Potato Pouch is sooo cool! Use it to prepare delicious Baked Potato in your microwave! You can cook one to four medium sized potatoes at once. Simply wash and dry your potatoes... wrap and cook. Pouch can also be used to cook other veggies.. sweet potatotes, corn on the cob, zuchinim, broccoli. You can also heat bread rolls, taco shells, tortillas.

    Happily you too can try. DaSweetZpot is offering a $25 gift card to one lucky Grosgrain reader to use in their online store which offers so many organic goodies to choose from!

    Marlene, owner and culinary hand behind DaSweetZpot learned to make jams and jellies from her Gremma. she has fond memories of running into her kitchen, and seeing her Gremma turning her homegrown Grappa Italian grapes into jellies, wine and vinegar. Sometimes she would hide under the kitchen table and while Gremma wasn't looking, she would dip her little fingers in the colorful jelly waiting to be canned.

    She believes that the true way to pass your heritage to your children is through the food you make and eat. She is Italian, first generation born in the USA, and the art of making jams and jellies was handed to her from her Gremma, and she now hands it to her children.

    Now that she is a mom, like her Gremma, she makes jams and jellies from their small harvest, and enters the local County Fair in pursuit of Blue Ribbons. Her children love to open the jars, dip their fingers in the colorful jams and jellies, wondering what new flavors mom created. They always experiment with flavors and condiments, while honoring their Italian roots!
    Upon request, they will create jams, jellies or marmalades with your favorite ingredients! They also will package in favor size jars and embellish accordingly. They also create wonderful combinations of pancake mixes and potato pouches in handcrafted fabric!

    Their entire line consists of beautiful things made with natural ingredients found around them.

    Many of you said that you would like to enter more giveaways, but have various issues with linking. Of course, I want anyone that is interested in entering a giveaway to be able to do so.

    Therefore, from now on, giveaways can be entered in three ways:
    1) By linking (to your blog, facebook, myspace, or any other site)
    2) By leaving a comment without a link or
    3) By linking and leaving a comment (this will be worth 2 entries which will better your chances of winning). Find more info under the FAQ page.

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DaSweetZpot $25 Guest Giveaway! CLOSED.

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