Frock by Friday™ Preface

    Tomorrow is the day! I'm so giddy. I hope I've given all of you enough time to get your material together.

    Some things to mention before I post my first few steps tomorrow.

    I am going to sew this dress without all the bonus steps (ie, trimming the seam allowances, finishing inside edges). I decided to do this because when I first started sewing all those extra steps made sewing seem really tedious and difficult. I think a beginner should first learn how to do the basic steps and once they feel comfortable with those, then add the extra steps which make a dress more durable and neat.

    If you feel comfortable adding these steps on your own, of course, feel free to do so.

    Tomorrow we'll be cutting out the pattern. That's it. Believe it or not I think this is the most difficult part of the process. If you've already cut your fabric then great! You can skip to Tuesday. But I hope you haven't because I have a few tips that will make it easier and faster for you to finish, especially since we are using a pattern that you must print out and tape together.

    I added an additional sash piece, if you're interested. And a lot of you have requested that I add a sleeve. Although I haven't cut one out yet I will try and provide the pattern for that tomorrow as well.

    Any questions just ask them in the comments and I will try to answer them in the comments.

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Frock by Friday™ Preface

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