Only the Best of Etsy Sample Packages GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!! CLOSED.

    After I got home from the hospital I was feeling really bad. Not emotionally. Emotionally I was excited for my new non-pregnant life with my new blond haired baby. But physically I felt like I had my insides ripped out then sewed back in, which is exactly how I should feel because that is pretty much what happened.

    Not to sound like a cry baby but my medication was giving me stomach cramps and nausea and it hurt to stand, laugh, lie down, eat. I was feeling a little down.

    The next day a package came in the mail. I LOVE when packages come in the mail. It made my morning. It was such a nice surprise when I needed one.

    The package was a gift from Andrea of Only the Best of Etsy.

    Inside were 10 samples from various etsy sellers that Andrea had handpicked to include in her packages.

    In each box Andrea chooses 10 samples from 10 etsy sellers. No two boxes are the same. To see what kind of things are in the boxes, take a look at the sneak peak video and the contributor list. Andrea's goal is to connect the customer to great etsy shops with quality products and owners that you can trust. With each box, you can get a little bit of the shop in physical form!

    I sat down and sorted through the box. The first thing I did was eat the chocolate covered marshmellow lollipop from BrytsAngels. Yum.

    I then opened a pack of whimsical postcards by Patti Backer which were right up my alley. I love strange gothic illustrations.

    As I mentioned before Lily loves purses and pouches. When Lily came home from kindergarten I surprised her with a little flower printed coin purse from Oregon Maid. It smelled like potpourri and spices. She was delighted and emptied her piggy bank to fill her new treasure.

    I took a poppy barret from Shi Shi Brand and pulled Molly's hair away from her face.

    I then saved the rest of the goodies for later and took a much needed nap:)

    After sending me the goodie box, Andrea was kind enough to offer two packages to two separate Grosgrain readers. If you would like to win one of these sample boxes perhaps for yourself or a care package for a friend either

    1) Link (to your blog, facebook, myspace, or any other site)

    2) Leaving a comment without a link or

    3) Link and leave a comment (this will be worth 2 entries which will better your chances of winning). Find more info under the FAQ page.

    If you are leaving a link just use the 'create a link' at the bottom of this post or simply creating a post on your blog and including this link.

    If you use blogger just use the "create a link" link at the bottom of this post. If you don't use blogger, that's fine too. Just create a link on your page as you normally would and I will see it using Technorati.

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Only the Best of Etsy Sample Packages GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!! CLOSED.

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