Mohito Refashion Frock Tutorial and Giveaway! CLOSED.

    I bought this skirt at the Salvation Army for only $2.50 and the tank top for 50 cents. The skirt was originally a size 16. I took it in at the back. All together this dress cost $3.

    The finished look reminded me of something you'd wear while sipping a cool Mohito on the porch in the afternoon.

    It also reminds me of these Modclothies, here and here.

    My camera pooped out on me at the beginning of my process so unfortunately this tutorial is only text. But if you attempt this and have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them just leave a comment in this post.

    Colored Elastic (white doesn't look finished)
    Tank top

    1. If your skirt is longer than just above your knee cut the top of the skirt so that the length falls at just above your knee.

    If the length is fine, cut the top of the skirt anyway just so that the edges of the top are raw.

    Also, you must be mindful of the waist. Since we are putting in elastic instead of a zipper be sure that the width of the skirt can fit over your hips. If not cut the skirt at the top until it does.

    2. If there is a zipper rip it out with a seam ripper and then sew the seam back up.

    3. Take your elastic band and wrap it around the smallest part of your waist. Make sure it is tight but also that I can also fit over your hips. Mark the place where you need to sew. Sew it, right sides together so that you have a full circle.

    4. Now, take your elastic band and pin it to the skirt on the outside (sort of overtop the skirt), right side of elastic to right side of skirt. Do it the same way that I described for step 9 of the Maternity Pants Tutorial.

    5. Sew to skirt.

    6. Put on your tank top and skirt. Cut the tank top a half and inch down from the elastic.

    7. Pin the tank top to the elastic the same way you pinned the elastic to the skirt in step 4.

    8. You may need to shorten the straps when you’re done because the skirt pulls on the ribbed tank.


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Mohito Refashion Frock Tutorial and Giveaway! CLOSED.

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