Total Shoe ReDo Day 1: Paint

    Materials: Old Shoes
    Spray Primer (for glossy shoes only)
    Spray Paint: Matte or Gloss, doesn't matter
    Clear Coat Spray Paint
    Paper Towels
    Packing Tape
    Razor Blade

    1. Choose your shoes. I love flats. I got these at the great Sal Val for a buck. They were a flattering shape but unfortunately, the color was a little boring and outdated.

    2. Stuff your shoes generously with paper towels so that the inside sides are hidden.

    3. Tape any soles. Be sure that the tape is sealed at the seams.

    4. Choose your paint. I had this awesome yellow sitting around the house but if I were to go out any buy something it would have probably been a light grass green. Any hardware store or craft store has a wide selection.

    If your shoes are glossy I recommend spraying on a primer first.

    5. Spray shoes. Gloss or matte is fine.

    *Some Tips
    Don't spray close to the shoes, it will cause dripping and an uneven finish.

    Wait 15 minutes after you spray and once you can handle the shoes, turn them to the sides to get the spaces underneath.

    6. Once everything is dry, spray on a clear coat of spray paint. I'd wait a couple hours before you do this. I didn't at first and the paint did this weird wrinkle thing.

    7. Once dry, remove tape and towels.

    8. If there are places where your paint got onto the sole just use a razor blade or simply use your fingernails and scrap it off. It should still be very slightly tacky at this point, enough to scrap the paint off the sole easily.

    9. Let cure for at least 24 hours.

    Tomorrow: Floral Baubles.

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Total Shoe ReDo Day 1: Paint

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