Ideas 28: Stuffed Animal Storage

    For years I've been trying to solve the stuffed animal dilemma in our home. We have enough to populate a small plush city. I can't bring myself to give them away because the girls love them so much and they all have some kind of special meaning to them. Yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning up the basement because it had partially flooded with really disgusting water. The water ruined so many things I had in plastic bags on the floor. One of which was a sack of stuffed animals I couldn't find a place for upstairs. 

    So I've been thinking of making something like this for our overabundance of stuffed animals. It would also solve my need for bean bags.You can buy one for $450.00 but that's just madness! I think it would be comfy if it were stuffed with only plush animals and not dolls or mechanical plush toys. But we have so many of both I think it would still work. I wonder how the kids would feel about sitting on their stuffed animals.

    A short cut idea might be to purchase a cheap bean bag, take out all the stuffing, cut a large hole in the cover, sew a see through mesh in it's place and fill it with your stuffed animals. That way you don't have to install a zipper.

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Ideas 28: Stuffed Animal Storage

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