Pony Island

    Sorry I've been absent for two days. We decided to take a weekend trip down to Assateague (aka Pony Island). It was the first time Molly had ever seen the ocean and the first time Lily ever remembered seeing the ocean. So, lots of fun ensued.
    I didn't take my DSLR for fear I'd get sand in it. And in hindsight, I think I made the right decision. When you go to the beach, everything gets sand in it. Everything. But we did use the iphones which sufficed and took lots of videos.

    It was hot. But the water was cold.

    Lily and Molly had a healthy fear of the ocean while still having fun. Although on the second day, shortly before this picture was taken, Lily saw a horseshoe crab washed up on the shore and subsequently another floating in the water which scarred her for a good hour from entering the ocean.
    Brian managed to convince Lily to get buried in the sand. Although she was embarrassed about taking a photo for posterity and tried to keep me from documenting the event.
    But was unsuccesful.
    Ocean rushing beneath feet.
    It was a four hour car drive up and back but the girls behaved....considering....
    Breakfast at Ocean City coffee shop.
    Goodbye ocean.

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Pony Island

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