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    According to everyone else I might be crazy but I think minivans have an undeserved bad rep. I like them way more than SUVs. They have more rows of seats, get better gas mileage and let you walk to the back without getting out of the car (which is a life saver when the wind chill factor is below zero and you have to buckle 3 kids). But I guess they're not very glamorous. Never been a big deal in my book.

    So I guess it should come as no surprise that I also like those stick figures people put on their back windows to represent their family. Tacky? Maaaaybe. But when it comes to what I drive, as I said before, I've never been very concerned about style.
    So I priced them and with shipping included they were kind of expensive as far as vinyl decals go. I thought, I can do this myself for way less. So I used some stick figures jpegs I found off the internet to represent each member of our family and input them in the Silhouette software and cut my own figures (which I made 1" bigger than the online versions) for next to nothing.
    I was able to find a few with characteristics to represent us. Molly has curly hair, Brian has a tie, Eloise has a rattle. But what's even better is that I'm going to make a few as Christmas gifts for friends who've expressed interest in having them for their car. Grace will have a soccer ball and hopefully I can find a boy scout stick figure for Christian.

    I'm in the process of using the Silhouette for another project with a dress I'm sewing. Excited to see how it turns out. 

    Another great Silhouette win! We're cheering;)

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Silhouette Stick Family

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