Kids Bedroom Makeover 1

    OMGoodness. This is so timely. I have been moving my girls to what used to be my upstairs craft room. My craft room will be what is now their bedroom. It's been beyond more work than you could imagine. It had to be done for so many reasons. Not only did I have to paint the upstairs and move their entire IVAR system and bunk beds but all the really heavy furniture that was in the craft room had to be moved down and taken to my mother's house by Brian and his dad (sofa, armchairs, 36" tv, TV stand, 8' sewing tables, desk, treadmill) that's a lot.

    Now I'm in the process of figuring out how to configure their furniture in the room which if you've ever planned a room with furniture that was bought for another room, you know can be so tricky. So far I've only had to buy a few things. I'm very satisfied with the way I've taken their old furniture and made it fit with the new room. Everythings finding a place. 
     We're taking ALL the toys in the downstairs save one toybox in our bedroom and moving them upstairs. In our dining room is a GORM shelf like this one pictured at top that houses four big bins full of toys. I've never liked toys in the dining room but we live in such a small house it was our only option.

    So now upstairs, the only place I have to put the GORMS are under the very low set windows (see above pic). The shelves are about 3' high and would block part of the windows. But if I cut them like in the top pic and add a seat cushion, I'd have double the shelves AND a place for their books that they can access AND quaint window seating.

    I love when things like this happen;)

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Kids Bedroom Makeover 1

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